Summer Season in Mathura

Mathura features a typical north Indian Climate. During the summer months, the temperature may climb to 45 degrees Celsius while the low hardly falls below 27 degrees Celsius. Noticing the unbearable humidity and scorching heat experienced tourists often avoid the season from visiting the holy town. In monsoon months it gets a great level of rainfall that helps reduce the temperature. Winters, on the other hand, remain pleasant and comfortable though you may feel chilly. During this time the minimum temperature drops below 4-5 degrees Celsius while the maximum mostly stands around 12-14 degrees Celsius.

Winter Season in Mathura

The Winter season is the best Mathura weather-wise. The weather is pleasant around this time as compared to the irritating heat during summer. The maximum winter temperature is reported to be 32°c while it can drop as down as 2 to 3°c at times. The average temperature of a winter night in Mathura is always below 14°c. Though a bit extra breezy and frigid, winter is the best season to pay a visit to Mathura.

Spring Season in mathura

The Spring season weather in Mathura in March varies radically. Daytime is relatively hot since temperatures get higher than 29 degrees, while the nights are much colder and there are no more than 13 degrees.

Monsoon season in Mathura

Monsoon offers moderate showers from July to September and brings cool winds that make the environment pleasant and appropriate to wander.